Client - Ricoh

Ricoh is a leading global solutions provider, specializing in solutions and services. It is also the official sponsor of the ATP World Tour Tennis Championships.

Project - Build five tennis umpire chairs with the 'Ricoh' logo

Design Brief

The Lettering Centre was asked to take over an unresolved contract to build 5 umpires chairs for the ATP World Tennis Championships. They would ultimately be shipped to Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Rome. They would be emblazoned with the name of the official sponsor ‘RICOH’.

These chairs had to match exceptionally high standards, given the exceedingly large amount of media coverage which is given to these tournaments. Ricoh is renowned internationally for offering state-of-the-art printing services. The signage work on the chair had to be absolutely pristinely applied, as specialists in the field would be the ones judging it.

Each chair had a different colour scheme specific to the country to which they would be shipped. They further had to meet exacting safety standards particular to chairs, especially given their height.

Solution / Description

This task was very different from any undertaken before at The Lettering Centre, and we were excited to put our skills to the test with something new. Here we had to build every compartment of the chair, from the steps to the arms of the seat and, of course, emblazon it with appropriate signage.

We worked extremely closely with Ricoh’s branding company to ensure the chairs met every specification: each chair had to be separately painted and worked on. They further had to be packed up in individual specially-made crates in which they were shipped to their respective locations.

The two chairs shipped to Rome were to be painted red and white with parasols attached.

The chair being sent to Stockholm had the corporate colours red and white, as did the umpire chair bound for Vienna.

The chair for Paris had a different colour scheme with green on grey.