Client - Angels Costumier

Angels Costumier is one of the most reputable costumiers in the UK, and was established over 170 years ago. It currently owns the largest collection of costumes and accessories anywhere in the world.

Project - Exterior and Interior Signage; Interior Decorative Work

Design Brief

Location: Shaftesbury Ave, London

                  Garrick Rd, London

The Lettering Centre team worked with Angels to create a plethora of signage for dual locations: the warehouse on Garrick Rd and the retail outlet on Shaftesbury Avenue.

At the warehouse we were engaged to create both exterior signage and interior signposting for the various collections of costumes.

At the retail outlet we were asked to create exterior signage, and interior decorative works.

Solution / Description

At the warehouse we installed built-up letters on existing cladding on the exterior of the building. Inside the building we further manufactured stand-alone clothes signs to label the multiple racks of costumes.

On the exterior of the retail outlet we manufactured a fascia to go above the door onto which we mounted built-up stainless steel letters. We also created vinyl graphics which we transferred onto the glass of the windows.

Inside the outlet we designed decorative pieces of art (mostly in block colours) which was panelled onto the walls. We also created laminated digital prints of celebrities which were transferred onto the plastic doors of restrooms.