Client - B&HS Management Ltd

B&HS Management Ltd is the managing agent for Great Portland Estates plc Group, a Central London property investment company. 

It manages a number of high-quality office and business properties within the London area. 

Project - Interior and Exterior Signage; Interior Safety Signage

Design Brief

The Lettering Centre was employed by B&HS to fit all their properties with a range of signage to meet their every requirement.

The properties that we worked on included Spirella House, located in the heart of the West End, Buchanan House in St James’ Square, and Bond Street House.

 Within each property we fitted informative interior signage, such as mounted tenant directories and directional signs. We also crafted exterior signage for each of the properties. Each building required different types of signage, representing the different locations of the properties and the different companies located within them.


Each building required an interior wall-mounted tenant directory, however, these were all made to very different specifications.

At Eastcastle we created a mounted glass panel with stencil-cut vinyl lettering applied to the surface. This was fixed to the wall via satin silver coloured glass fixings.At Buchanan House we made individual Perspex panels with vinyl lettering applied to the surface. These were individually mounted on the wall.At the Met building on Tottenham Court Rd we applied vinyl lettering directly to the walls to act as the tenant directory directly behind the reception desk.

The exterior signage required for each building was, again, varied. One particular building featured a curved and polished aluminium panel mounted to the exterior brick wall.

Each building also required safety signage, which we mounted throughout the interior.