Formed originally in 1874 as EJ and AT Bradford, the company specialised at the time, in Sign-writing, Gilding and hand carving in timber and stone.

The Lettering Centre grew out of the specialised skills of Bradford's and gained a reputation for work of exceptionally high quality for its customers throughout the City of London and the West End.

During the 60s & 70s the company was fortunate enough to employ Raf Staiano who was acknowledged to be one of the foremost lettering artists in Britain. Besides being a wonderful craftsman he was a great teacher, and was able to pass on much of his knowledge to a new generation. The standards that he set have been handed onto the master craftsmen that we employ today, but modern times require modern methods and we have continued to invest in new machinery, skills and ongoing training.

Since 1872 we added such skills as CNC machining of letters and logos in metals, plastics and wood, specialist chemical etching of metals and glass, silkscreen and large format digital prints.

All of these new skills coupled with the best traditions of the past will see us continue to provide outstanding work for another century or more to come.

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    28 Sep 2012 at 09:03
  • Part of Britain’s national heritage, Harrods has been working with The Lettering Centre for many years.
    27 Sep 2012 at 14:44
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    18 Sep 2012 at 09:38